Julie's Organic Ice Cream

Yes, Julie's ice cream is made with sugar. If you're gluten-free person who eats sugar you're in luck. I called them today to ask about their blackberry ice cream bars. A friendly live person answered the phone! He transferred me to 'the guys in the lab coats' once I asked about gluten in the products.

The lab coat guy told me that there are no gluten ingredients in their ice cream bars and that they make a gluten-free ice cream sandwich. He then carefully outlined how they save their 'allergen containing products' till then end of the day and wash and flush all equipment with protein-destroying agents between and following 'allergen batches.'

I thanked the lab coat guy for being so thorough and helpful. I told him I'd tell everyone I know about Julie's Organic Ice Cream. Then I ate a delicious ice cream bar--and nothing happened. No pain, no gastric drama, no mental fog, no sudden crippling fatigue, no reaction.

What is The Joyful Celiac doing eating and promoting sugar, the demon drug?

I don't know. More on stress, sugar, orthorexia and living with celiac disease coming soon.

Healing celiac silence

Just before Christmas, after a cold bike ride involving much hard descending and braking, my right thumb became stiff and swollen. A few days later the pain strung from fingertips to elbow. I have been taking naproxen, splinting at night, abstaining from cycling, and seeing a gifted acupuncturist. The symptoms are much diminished.

Minimizing typing outside of work has meant benignly neglecting The Joyful Celiac.

The Joyful Celiac will return to sporadic updating in the next few weeks.