Julie's Organic Ice Cream

Yes, Julie's ice cream is made with sugar. If you're gluten-free person who eats sugar you're in luck. I called them today to ask about their blackberry ice cream bars. A friendly live person answered the phone! He transferred me to 'the guys in the lab coats' once I asked about gluten in the products.

The lab coat guy told me that there are no gluten ingredients in their ice cream bars and that they make a gluten-free ice cream sandwich. He then carefully outlined how they save their 'allergen containing products' till then end of the day and wash and flush all equipment with protein-destroying agents between and following 'allergen batches.'

I thanked the lab coat guy for being so thorough and helpful. I told him I'd tell everyone I know about Julie's Organic Ice Cream. Then I ate a delicious ice cream bar--and nothing happened. No pain, no gastric drama, no mental fog, no sudden crippling fatigue, no reaction.

What is The Joyful Celiac doing eating and promoting sugar, the demon drug?

I don't know. More on stress, sugar, orthorexia and living with celiac disease coming soon.

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