Have you tried tahini?

Tahini! Versatile, energy-dense, and delicious, tahini is made from sesame seeds that have been soaked. Tahini may be most familiar as a traditional ingredient in hummus.

Raw tahini is available (for a price) but most store-bought tahini seems to be made from roasted sesame seeds that have been ground into a smooth rich paste.

You can also make your own pretty easily, though I haven't tried it yet.

What to do with your tahini:

*Drizzle on your salad, quinoa, or toasted GF bread

*Blend with ginger, lemon juice and fresh ground black pepper for a salad dressing or sauce.

*Combine with wheat-free tamari soy sauce, a smidge of sesame oil, and rice vinegar. Add minced green onions and black pepper. Toss with your completed vegetable stir-fry. (Don't heat it too much, put it on already cooked food.)

*Dip apple slices in a bowl of tahini for snack.

*Blend tahini with salt, lemon juice, and garlic, with a little water. Use as a sauce for kale or spinach.

Like all oily rich foods, keep tahini the fridge in a glass container.


aniejoy said...

Tahini is my favorite! Thank you for your blog. I am a vegetarian in the process of being tested for a bunch of tummy things, Celiac is one of them. For now, I am changing my diet (and working w/ my doctor) to see if I can start being better! Thank you again for this blog. Great to know that tahini is still ok for me for now, when I am feeling overwhelmed w/ diet changes.

Ms. W said...

Thank you for writing, Aniejoy. I make the blog hoping to encourage others and it's helped a little bit. I notice that you are an accomplished athlete. I was never as gifted as you are, but I rode my bike much more in my twenties and logged centuries now and then. During that time my endurance on the bike reinforced my denial. Though my mother is celiac and I had a fair number of symptoms, I would tell myself that no sick person could ride a hundred miles two days in a row. I was wrong, but I also couldn't find a doctor who would test me probably in part because I was so fit. I wish you luck on path to health and many congratulations on your running.