Friday night dinner in Arizona

Last weekend I spent three and half days in a blissfully cool Tempe, AZ with beloved non-celiacs. We roasted maitaake mushrooms and scattered them over a stack fresh tomato slices, roasted eggplant, Cypress Grove Humbolt Fog goat's cheese, atop lightly braised kale strips on a bed of mixed rices.

No recipe: just olive oil and sea salt & pepper for seasoning.

Grateful photo credit to Ms. JLowe, MFA, MA, MA


Jennifer Lowe said...

Ha ha! But why do I have two Master's of Science? ;o)


Ms. W said...

How should it be written?

My father's liberal arts masters was an MA....? And I thought an MS was a master of science.

Ms. W said...

Aha! I did write MS, MS... Oh well. What would you have liked two masters of science in?

Jennifer Lowe said...

I would like my MSs to be in...let's see. How about xenobiology and, um, neurolinguistic programming? Does that sound suitably Scientologist? ;o)