Guest entry from Arizona

After locating and cooking the most perfect aubergine, Jennifer Lowe writes from her academic exile in Tempe, AZ. Jen is a celiac sympathizer who made this gorgeous gluten-free stir-fry last night. I was taken with the beauty of J.'s wooden bowl and spoon. Note the gaze of black feline companion Pyewacket.

Farmer's market cipollini onions, white eggplant and turnip slices (sauteed until the sugar comes out/caramelizes), plus snow pea shoots from the Vietnamese market on, of course, red quinoa and brown short-grain rice.

No need for tamari or even sea salt or sesame seeds--so good just by itself that it was hard to leave leftovers for P.

Behold how Pye also is interested; but mostly in the wooden bowl/cedar spoon, which for some reason smells good to her.

Plus, for no reason, a funny thing that was on/in the trunk of our rental car this summer in Philly/NY.

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