Smart Treats are yummy

I first discovered Smart Treats at Whole Foods four years ago when I was in graduate school in Western Massachusetts. I introduced them to a sweet-tooth Beloved then.

Day before yesterday a precious box arrived from Smart Treat. That Beloved sent our house a gift containing nearly every yummy in the treat range. The macaroons and peanut butter cups are especially delicious.

It has been week of sweets for me--starting up in Mendocino--see Red Bananas Foster below. I notice that having a large amount of novel sweet things to eat increases my overall consumption of food. When I have a stack of identical 85% cacao chocolate bars in the cupboard I nibble occasionally eating about three squares a day, treating chocolate as a medicinal pleasure. A plethora of new and exotic sweets is very seductive by comparison.

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Jennifer Lowe said...

I think the brittles look pretty killer, myself. Yay for such Beloveds, I say! And their fine taste in treats.