Gluten Free Products

I am frequently asked for information about gluten-free products. I am not too interested products because I'm really into food which happens to be by its very nature gluten-free. But when I thought a little more I realized that I do eat a few things which are gluten-free versions of foods traditionally made with wheat.

I guess I evaluate food on a kind of pleasure-to-nutrient-density x/y axis. Gluten free copies of product foods tend to be high-pleasure/low-nutrient foods (for example, crackers, cookies, pancakes, biscuits) and I minimize those kinds of foods. There are delicious high-nutrient foods out there and I build my eating around combining those. I believe eating this improves way my overall sense of energy and vibrancy.

Also, I have Type II diabetes on both sides of my family so why tempt fate?

Costs $8-9 a loaf. This is not that sad rice "bread" that crumbles into tasteless bits of disappointment. This is bread like my Scots peasant grandmothers would have relished. Nutritionally dense (high ratio of good stuff to weight/calories) and yummy. Toasts well. Tastes almost like German Rye.

Eat smothered with: Humboldt Fog, and/or Strauss salted butter. If you're dairy-free, make a sundried tomato spread or za'taar.*

Tastes good, not sticky, and can tolerate over-cooking. Makes good lasagna noodles and the shells and spirals that hold lots of sauce.

I am not a frequent eater of pasta. I minimize simple carbohydrates most of the time. That means I don't often eat sugars and refined flours. Rice flour hikes the blood sugar so I eat Tinkyada pasta when I am making a simple meal with my housemates. I combine it with a nice portion of fat (e.g. olive oil, pine nuts and/or cheese) to buffer the glycemic rise.

[Note this mix contains dairy.] This is a reliable tool for making all-pleasure treats. I make blueberry corn bread, blueberry pancakes, and blueberry muffins from this mix. The blueberries are to provide some kind of nutritional value as well as yumminess.

2 tsps dried thyme
1 tsp ground sumac
1 tbsp sesame seeds
4-6 tbsps olive oil
a pinch of salt

Grind all ingredients together.

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