How to make lunch

I have a To-Go Ware tiffin. I just use one tier of a two-tier tiffin most days.

I cook red quinoa & medium length rose rice together in a rice cooker and keep left-overs in the fridge for use at any time. I put about a cup of the grains in the bottom of the tiffin.

Then I put in about two handfuls of dark green leafy vegetables. (Spin the leaves dry before putting them in.) It may look as if your tiffin is now overloaded but the greenleafies will tamp down as you add more things.

I cut up a tomato and/or an apple (or pear) and add that. Then I sprinkle pink salt lightly over everything. (I know--salt is bad for you! Actually, it's not. High quality salt has nice trace minerals in it and the body needs some dietary salt. Yes, food naturally has salt in it but you can add some too. If you're not eating manufactured or restaurant food or pre-made sauces then you can salt your food and still eat less than the RDA's maximum.) Put some freshly cracked pepper in.

Now put about two tablespoons of raw hempseeds over everything. Hempseed is nutty and has lots of good, brain-loving fats (EFAs) in it. Keep your hempseeds in the fridge.

That's the base for almost all my lunches.

On top of that I might put:

*chevre, walnuts, and slivers of fig
*raw sauerkraut, seaweeds, and walnuts
*cheddar chunks and pecans
*goat's cheese, date slivers, and rosemary
*roasted eggplant chunks and mushroom slices

Everything is made in advance so I just assemble lunch in my tiffin before I go work in the morning. It takes about ten minutes. I carry a wooden spoon and hashi (chop-sticks) with me. Eating off of metal with metal utensils is noisy and gives me a nails-on-chalkboard shiver.

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