Dedicated gluten-free kitchen tools

*Coffee grinder just for grinding spices
*Mortar & pestle
*High speed blender
*Bamboo cutting boards
*Sharp Japanese vegetable cleaver
*Rice cooker (for quinoa, amaranth & rice)
*Two iron skillets (one eight inch, and one 12 or 14 inch) Yes they are heavy! Lift with with your core muscles and get some iron with all your meals! Plus, if you take basic care of them the don't stick at all. Non-stick cookware coating doesn't seem too safe to me. There's been lots of mainstream press about the dangers of Teflon.

Microwaves seem creepy to me and I don't use them ever. I have a superstition that they destroy nutrients by cooking food from the inside out. Smart people tell me this is the opposite of true, but I don't seem to believe them. I like toaster ovens--just be careful not to share crumbs with your beloved gluten-eaters.

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