The Weekly Grocery List

At the farmer's market:

*Ten to fourteen servings of something dark green and leafy [spinach, various kales, even purpley-dark lettuce]
*Seven to fourteen servings of one or two in-season vegetables [eggplants, tomatoes, radishes]
*Something else that would be good in salad [figs, apples, pears]
*Five servings of two kinds of mushrooms [usually shiitakes and oysters--sometimes the mushroom man offers me free samples of lion's mane or enokis]
*Pound or two of fruit
*Sometimes potatos

At the Co-op:

Frozen Oregon blueberries, plus cranberries or blackberries
Cashews for making cashew milk
Pecans and walnuts
Green onions
Raw Sauerkraut with sea vegetables
Fancy cheeses (preferably raw milk, sheep, and/or goat)
Lightly salted butter

In the cupboard already:

Grey, pink, and brown salt
Whole black and white peppercorns
Many spices
Extra virgin olive oil
Four or five kinds of rice
Five kinds of seaweed
Mary's Gone Crackers

In the fridge:

Three kinds of miso*
Bee pollen
Hemp seeds
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds

*Make sure to get gluten-free miso. Some miso is made with barley.

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